Libraries are more than the heart of the academic enterprise; they are where ideas and knowledge are shared, stored, and fostered. When you become a member of the Friends of the Loyola University Chicago Libraries, you participate in this exchange. As President of the Friends and an alumna, I know that our support of the libraries makes it possible to provide students, faculty, and alumni with resources to further their quest for knowledge.

The Friends group provides you with opportunities to learn, encounter books and authors, and share ideas. We encourage you to join us.

Karen K. Trimberger Brady (BA ’98)
President, Friends of the Loyola University Chicago Libraries

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Goals of the Friends

  • Provide opportunities for meeting persons who share an interest in and enthusiasm for books, libraries, and reading
  • Encourage and attract gifts in the form of bequests, endowments, books, manuscripts, and other appropriate materials
  • Involve individuals in the Chicago area in library programs and activities
  • Foster an understanding of and appreciation for all Loyola University Chicago’s libraries and their special collections
  • Underscore the importance of Loyola’s libraries in fulfilling the University’s mission