Welcome From Friends Past President


Welcome From Friends Past President

Dr Bucholz-2


For thousands of years, libraries have been at the heart of the academic enterprise. When you become a member of the Friends of the Loyola University Chicago Libraries you sustain that age-old tradition and propel it into the modern age. As Past President of the Friends and a member of the faculty, I know that your support for our libraries makes it possible to provide our students, faculty and alumni with the best resources available. This, in turn, enables them to contribute to the world’s store of knowledge, compete for employment or enrich their lives as full members of the global community of learning.

Participation in our group provides you with opportunities to meet people who share an interest in and enthusiasm for learning, books, libraries and reading. It also helps foster an understanding of and appreciation for all of Loyola University Chicago’s libraries and their special collections. We encourage you to join us as we aspire to provide a gateway to the world of information and scholarship.

Robert Bucholz, D.Phil.; F.R.Hist.S.
Professor of History
Past President, 
Friends of the Loyola University Chicago Libraries

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