Nomad Movement

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Artist: Nicolas Point, S.J. (1799-1868)
Medium: Pencil on Paper
Lender: Midwest Jesuit Archives

Point and his compatriots endured nomadic lifestyle for nearly a decade, and his drawings here depict the less exciting aspects of nomad life. The pre-hunt prayer shows Native faith in Christianity, as they pray for protection during the often dangerous hunt. Constant movement is evident in both the tribe moving their lodge to be closer to the buffalo, or in the simple act of cooking a meal with only a few pots! The great stretch of wilderness most likely astounded the French Jesuit, and “Stags in the Distance” shows the expansive space of the Rockies. Traveling across the plains wasn’t a part of frontier life: it was frontier life!

Written and narrated by Liam Brew.

Part 9 of the Nicolas Point Exhibit   ( « Previous | Next » )

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