Sudden Tribal Battles

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Artist: Nicolas Point, S.J. (1799-1868)
Medium: Pencil on Paper
Lender: Midwest Jesuit Archives

During a Winter hunt, several Flatheads discovered a large Blackfoot party over a hill. Instead of running, the Flatheads ambushed the Blackfeet, routing them. This victory is depicted in the first drawing in this column. Ignace helped lead the attack, and is seen in the second piece chasing the fleeing Blackfeet. Ambrose and a Blackfoot meet each other near a river, and by jumping onto the other horse Ambrose was able to survive the encounter. A fierce warrior, Teltella sets upon several Blackfeet and forces them to run. These several columns show the strength and determination of Flatheads against their rivals.

Written and narrated by Liam Brew.

Part 18 of the Nicolas Point Exhibit   ( « Previous | Next » )

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