The Dangers of the Frontier

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Artist: Nicolas Point, S.J. (1799-1868)
Medium: Pencil on Paper
Lender: Midwest Jesuit Archives

Point experienced buffalo, bears, storms and hostile tribes in his many years in the region. Although hunting could be pleasurable, often bears and buffalo refused to yield to the hunters. Bears were seen as a religious animal among the Natives, although they were still feared for their immense strength. In the second piece, Point depicts a bear hurling a buffalo despite being mauled by two others. Buffalo were also seen as dangerous. The third drawing shows an unwilling buffalo throwing a hunter, while in the fourth piece shows noted hunter Jean Baptise attacking four bears. For those who lived on the frontier, life was very dangerous!

Written and narrated by Liam Brew.

Part 11 of the Nicolas Point Exhibit   ( « Previous | Next » )

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