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Tech Trends w/ Tara: Webpages into Ebooks

Just a quick Tech Trends post as everyone races to holiday gatherings near and far…

There is a new Google Chrome browser extension called dotEPUB which allows you to download webpages into EPUB formatted documents.  This means you can find articles on the web, convert them into EPUBs, and download them onto your favorite EPUB-friendly device – such as an e-reader, tablet, smartphone, netbook and more.

It’s a great way to take reading material on the go when bookmarking or read-it-later sites may not be accessible.  Not only will your EPUB documents be available on a take-anywhere mobile device, but you won’t need an internet connection to access them.

Download the Chrome extension here.   And click here to get a bookmarklet for other web browsers such as Firefox and Safari.



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