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Upcoming Library Workshops for Students

How To Read: Strategies for Focusing and Retaining the Words on a Page

Monday, January 29, 4:00-4:30, Information Commons room 120

Reading habits and styles are changing while academic work continues to require focused attention and long-term retention.  Discover effective strategies and solutions to reading dilemmas by attending this workshop.  Questions may be sent to Jane Currie (jcurrie@luc.edu).


Share Your Experience: Communicating the Story of Engaged Learning Experiences with Others

Wednesday, January 31, 4:00–4:45, Information Commons 120

Conference presentations and posters don’t always have to be about research projects. The knowledge gained through a community engagement project can be shared with others in ways that connects your personal experience to broader theoretical, professional, or civic contexts. This session will give you a simple framework for translating your community engagement project into a poster or presentation for the Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium. We’ll address topics like defining your audience, making connections to academic disciplines and community contexts, and identifying experiences that can be generalized and made valuable to others. Questions can be sent to Niamh McGuigan (nmcguigan@luc.edu).


Tame the Search Result List: Strategies

Monday, February 12, 4:00-4:30, Information Commons room 120       

Search result lists generated by research databases and library catalogs can be daunting.  Discover how to identify and change their arrangement while finding the results that are relevant to you.  Questions may be sent to Jane Currie (jcurrie@luc.edu).


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