Cudahy First Floor Reconfiguration

The Cudahy first floor spaces are being reconfigured to help clear the sightlines to the Circulation Desk and increase user space. As part of the project, the collections which have been on the first floor are being relocated:

  • The Current Periodicals will be moved to Cudahy lower level near the north wall the week of August 6. A few popular magazines and newspapers will remain on the first floor.

  • The ESL Collection was moved to the lounge area of Cudahy lower level on August 3.

  • The DVD Browsing Collection will remain on the first floor but will be relocated to the shelves along the east wall.

  • The Popular Reading Collection was moved to the area on the left when entering Cudahy from the IC connector temporarily on August 3. This collection will then be relocated to the first floor of Information Commons in September.

If you have questions about this project, please contact us at</a>. Thank you!

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