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Did You Know?: Subject Guides

A screenshot of the Chemistry Subject Guide.

Did You Know? The library offers research guides for each academic subject! You’ve got a big paper due for your biology/nursing/philosophy/sociology class, but you have NO idea how to start your library research. Coming to ask a librarian for help is a great option, but if you can’t make it to the library, check...
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Did You Know?: Course Reserves

Did You Know? You can find your course reserves via Pegasus! So, your professor assigned a bunch of course reserves this semester. Great! Less money you need to spend on textbooks! But, uh, now what? Course reserves are materials that you either have to read in the library or can take home for just...
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Did You Know?: Mobile Site

Did You Know? The Loyola libraries have a mobile site! Walking the dog and just remembered you need to renew a book? Out for a stroll on Michigan Avenue and want to see how late Lewis Library is open? Stuck on the train and desperately need to read an article for the class you...
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Did You Know?: Returning Books In Book Drops

Did You Know? You can return library books by using book drops! Need to return a library book on time but don’t know how to when the library is closed? Don’t despair! Patrons can return their books even when the library is closed by placing them in book drops labeled as “BOOK RETURN” or...
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Did You Know?: Renewing Your Books

Did You Know? You can renew your library books online! Don’t want to carry 20 books back to the library just to renew them? No problem! Renew your books online through the library’s homepage. Just click on “Renew books” and log into your library account using your Loyola ID number (found above the barcode)...
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Did You Know?: Intercampus and Interlibrary Loan

Did You Know? You can get books from other campuses and other libraries! Just because you spend most of your time at one library doesn’t mean you can’t get books from the other! Thanks to the Intercampus Loan department, you can request a book from Cudahy, Lewis, Law, Health Sciences, and the Library Storage...
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