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The project/system formerly known as “the digital repository” now has a name: Loyola eCommons.

(Say it loud and there’s music playing…)

This name speaks to the library’s desire to create a resource that will provide a common space for the dissemination and preservation of a wide variety of scholarship, pedagogy, historical material, and creative works. Indeed, it is our aspiration that this resource will serve as a collective showcase for the entire university community. It will also be a “commons” in a more traditional sense, acting as a kind of online academic public square for the unfettered exchange of information and knowledge.

The name is a deliberate nod to the hugely successful Klarchek Information Commons, which brings together technology, services, information resources, and people to facilitate a wide range of scholarly activities. And like the IC, we hope that Loyola eCommons can become a vital part of academic life on campus and the University Libraries’ efforts to promote “knowledge in the service of humanity.”