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Good Friday Walk for JusticeUpdating the WLA website was a major priority last year which resulted in an overhaul of over 80% of the images and text on the site. Such efforts continue with new upgrades and additions whenever possible. Most recently we added a subpage that highlights the new partnership between the Chicago Area Women’s History Council and the WLA. We hope this partnership will help raise the profile of the WLA while at the same time identify new collections related to the second wave women’s movement in Chicago, and hence, result in new donations to the WLA. The webpage has all the details of the partnership, including past and upcoming events. Please check it out! We welcome feedback.


Because of web-use tracking software, we’ve been able to learn that when folks visit our website, they spend the most time in three areas: the main page, the collections page, and the Mundelein College Records page. As such, we’re working on some updates for each of those areas. Already we’ve added the photos of the former presidents of Mundelein College and are working closely with IT for more interactive and graphics-heavy additions. More coming soon!

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