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#ExploreTheFloors – Call Numbers, Locations, and Circulation

How to Navigate the Stacks: Call Numbers, Locations, and Circulation

This week we will take a closer look at call numbers, book locations, and how to check out a book at the circulation desk!

Lewis Library uses the Library of Congress system, which means materials are assigned a call number and arranged alphabetically. A call number is unique to every book and helps you locate it within the stacks. Most call numbers are displayed on the spine of the book, some appear on the front cover. Unlike the Dewey Decimal system, Library of Congress call numbers begin with letters that are followed by numbers.

Let’s break it down: How Call Numbers Work

• Figure A: Books are shelved alphabetically by the first letter or letters.
• Figure B: Books are then organized numerically by the numbers after the letter(s).
• Figure C: Lastly, books are arranged alphabetically by the next letter and decimal by the following number and year.

When searching for a book on the library website the call numbers will appear next to their location:

This specific book is available at Lewis Library Main Stacks, but what does that mean?

The main stacks are the eighth and ninth floor and each floor houses a specific range of call numbers:
• Eighth Floor: A – HD
• Ninth Floor: HE – Z

In parenthesis you will notice that the call number for Communities for Social Change: Practicing Equality and Social Justice in Youth and Community Work is LC1036.C65 2017. On what floor would you search for this book? The ninth floor!

Once you’ve found your book head down to the Lewis Circulation Desk on the sixth floor to check it out. You must have a Loyola ID with you in order to check out your book. No exceptions!

Other locations that may appear next to a call number are:
• Lewis Popular Reading: Sixth Floor
• Curriculum Collection: Sixth Floor
• Chicago Collection: Sixth Floor
• Reference: Sixth Floor
• Periodicals: Eighth Floor

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