Libraries Build Strong Communities

As part of our celebration of #NationalLibraryWeek, we’re doing a series on what libraries actually DO to help build strong communities. Check back throughout the week for more!

The Loyola Libraries are invested in building strong communities—both on campus and off.

We’re not just a library for our students, faculty, and staff—rather, we’re a research institution that provides dedicated service to all who enter our doors. We provide community access to anyone with an interest in using our materials. By democratizing access to information, we support a stronger and more educated community of scholars from all walks of life.

We partner with organizations and institutions in our neighborhood to provide programs and instruction. Just this week, we partnered with Edgewater Village and Human Library Chicago to provide programs open to the public. These programs enrich our communities, but they also enrich our campus because they give us opportunities to learn from those with different perspectives who can work with us towards common goals.

Our campus community is of vital importance to us here at the libraries. We strive to improve our services to make the Libraries a comfortable place to study, collaborate, and build community. Our student Library Advisory Board is one way we get feedback about our patrons’ needs and wants. Just this week, we’ve also been gathering information in our libraries (via post-it notes from our patrons) and this digital form to learn more about what you love about the libraries, and what we could change to better serve you all.

The Loyola Libraries are part of some of the most incredible and diverse communities in the country. We are happy to do whatever we can to strengthen them.

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