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Staff Picks — Tori’s 5 Reasons Grease 2 is the better Grease Movie!

During the month of December, Loyola Libraries staff make lists and check them twice. What are these lists about? Anything! You can look at past years’ lists here, and stay tuned for more lists all month long! Without further ado…

5 Reasons Grease 2 is the better Grease Movie!

1. The Fashion!

2. Michelle Pfeiffer is literally the coolest…

3. …and her solo Cool Rider is unforgettable!

4. The songs are much better! (besides one, but we won’t speak of that one…)

5. The female leads stand up for themselves and refuse to be defined by their partners!


Bio: Tori Golden is the Circulation and Collection Services Manager at Loyola. She is currently on her 1200th rewatch of The Office and enjoys watching soccer games with her cat.

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