Pretend You’re at the Library with These Zoom Backgrounds

Attending classes and meetings via Zoom rather than in person is far from easy. However, the staff here at the LUC Libraries thought that we might make everyone’s experience with Zoom a little bit better if we could provide a way to pretend you’re somewhere other than your room, office, or kitchen. What’s better than all of those places? The library, of course!

Here are a few of the backgrounds (download link for the full files via Dropbox is below):

The Zoom backgrounds our staff created will make it appear as though you are working oh so diligently from the LUC libraries themselves, just like old times…and also hide the messy spaces we’re all working from these days. While we can’t have you all back in person this year, perhaps a little digital visit will ease you all through the end of this academic year and, for some, into the summer session as well.

Access the backgrounds here, and if you’ve yet to use a background on Zoom, you can find instructions for doing so here.

Love this concept? There are plenty of other fun Zoom backgrounds out there. Find some more of them here.

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