Stay Calm and Chill at Home

study day ways to chill

It’s hard to believe that finals are here. We know how stressful these days can be, but don’t worry. We’ve curated a list of activities to help you relax before you head back to another round of studying. So sit back and chill for a while!


Stay Calm and Game at Home! Wednesday, April 29 at 11AM Register Here
Join us to play the interactive online game Drawphone! It’s like pictionary and telephone combined!


  • Online Coloring
  • Origami Wolf (go LU!)
  • Tote bag from an old shirt
  • Music

  • 1 AM Study Session, Lofi Hip Hop/Chill Beats
  • Classical music for studying
  • Weightless, by Marconi Union, a song that reduces anxiety up to 65%
  • Yoga and Meditation

  • 5-Minute Morning Yoga
  • 5-Minute Meditation
  • 10-Minute Meditation with Jessamyn Stanley
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