Live Capture Remix is a jazz quartet for voice consisting of three electronic musicians who take the words of one writer in real time (no samples) through a microphone, and together create unique improvisational sonic environments of word-music (tsunamis of burning walls bearing down, hallucinatory operas deep in fevered sleep, tortured wet dreams, etc.). As a jazz quartet (together for six years), all four members work in concert, reacting to/with the incipient creation before them (i.e., each listening, capturing, lengthening, placing, contorting, morphing, delaying, repeating, flanging, combining, etc.). “Incipient” since it is always fresh when that concert is achieved. That is, all the sounds emanate from one voice going through the mic in real time, but the result crosses quickly into the irreal where it does a miscreant jig on the peripheries of consciousness.

Live Capture Remix consists of:
Lance Chance–Protean GYRO, Echoic Brachiation, Aural Fluorescence
David Perry–Lieber Strom, Wraith Weave, Sonic Evagination
Aaron Verrett–Dream Arpeggiator, Temporal Flux, Hot Mix
Skip Fox–Vox Incipio, Morphemic Choreography

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