On December 16, 2011 Requited’s Sixth Issue Release Event at Enemy featured a series of performances attentive to sound and language. Curated by Ryan T Dunn, the event featured performances by the following artists, with this prefacing statement of intent:

Consider the psychological and phenomenological aspects of the reception and manifestation of sound as a linguistic act, as a revisitable document, as an intangible moment on breath and a long distance transmittable gesture. Ponder the history of the textual document and its relationship with the relatively young sonic document. Encompass methods of transmission and reception, the notable and the mundane, the intentional and unintentional, public and private, seen and heard.


Reed Esslinger is currently finishing up an MFA at the University of Michigan and has been making performative sculptural installations dealing with communication, interpretation, translation and other themes that are broadly enveloped in language.

Enter Here is a performance depicting tension, (or cooperation), in the literal “see-sawing” back and forth of graphite coated threads drawn through the membrane of language. The back and forth nature of performance alludes to dialog, a process of reaching mutual understanding, while the peripheral narration addresses “otherness” through historical, clinical, and intimate lenses.

Peter J Woods
Blurring the line between absurdist theatre and harsh noise, Peter J Woods presents works that deal with the brand of existential dread and uncertainty unique to our current society.

In What I’m Going to Say Is This Is What I’m Going to Say Woods stages a tediously prepared failure in communication that speaks to both how we interact and why our interactions inevitably fail.

Edward Breitweiser is a Chicago-based artist, musician, and writer. Typically, his work does or does not involve the use of computers.

Converging Interstices || Or, “Delmar” and the Immortality of Influence is an ongoing catalog of history-in-the-making. This catalog takes the form of relationships between documents, experiences, artifacts, and personal narratives.

Katrina Schaag is a Madison-based performance artist who makes text-, movement-, video-, and installation-based works. Her interests include performativity, artifice, presence, absence, plasticity, queer masochism, and Deleuzian becomings.

The landscape cracks and I sink into a nameless current — What can I salvage? — I imagine you swimming in a clear blue lake — If only I could move past this is a lecture on biology and plasticity as disrupted by the unconstrained murmuring of the field beneath. The field enacts only itself, and the landscape is still cracking, even in the midst of all the rampant flowering.

Мígel Faraldo (Spain, 1980) is a composer, sound artist, improviser and digital instrument designer currently based in The Netherlands. His works usually maximize minimal means to generate threshold conditions.

La memoria y el olvido (2011) is an instrument/installation based on a textwork by Dutch artist Tanja Smit ( It explores the expressive capabilities of a text as a map, which can be freely navigated creating new orderings and meanings, and at times surpassing language itself to become pure sonic gesture.

Ryan T Dunn is a curator and media and performance artist working with communication and perception. He is heavily concerned with extra-institutional context specificity and the ways in which direct action transcends and traverses the moment in which it originates through mediation, whether that be through document or memory.

CHICAGO TRANSLATION: Lit, Music, and Dance Party

August 13, 2010 at THE HIDEOUT

REQUITED JOURNAL, ANOTHER CHICAGO MAGAZINE, & ARTIFICE MAGAZINE invite you to celebrate a translation of Chicago through literature, with music and video by MAGICAL BEAUTIFUL and a dance party with DJ, Kevin Smith.

Chicago’s literary reconstruction begins at 10pm, Music at 11 and dancing into the night.

Join us as artists combine sound, syntax, and image to reinterpret Chicago and create contemporary meaning to familiar city-spaces.



May 7th, 2010 THE HIDEOUT Chicago, IL.

Join us for a release party celebrating our second issue.   Music from Jim Becker and The Judy Green.  A reading by authors:

JoAnna Novak
Jason Bredle
Laura Goldstein
Rebbecca Brown
Terri Griffith
James Robinson

The reading begins at 8pm, music at 10pm.  $10.

November 21st, 2019 7-10 pm.
Cornucopia of Lit @ the Mess Hall

We’re offering our second installment of great lit, just before the holiday. Stave off indigestion and travel anxiety with: Jason Bredle, Cayenne Sullivan, H.V. Cramond, Laura Goldstein, Amira Hanafi, Lindsay Bell, Sherrie Weller.

Please join us for a great mix of poetry and prose! Bring your old books and lit journals for an informal trade. (No rules–just no fights–a friendly exchanging of those used books you have propping up your air conditioner.) Drinks provided!! This event is FREE.

Website:; MESS HALL; 6932 N. Glenwood Avenue; Chicago, IL  60626; (CTA: Redline Morse Stop.)


October 13, 2019 @ the HIDEOUT 6pm

First ever!  New work–fiction, poetry, and more(?)!!

Check out this line up–Mike Zapata, Heather Momyer, Nicholas Hayes, Ira S. Murfin, Kathy Regina, Laura Krughoff, Amanda Marbais, Kevin Kilroy


July 31, 2009 7pm, $10 @ the Hideout

1354 W. Wabansia

Featuring Joan of Arc, Pillars and Tongues, and a reading by some of this issue’s authors. 
8-9pm – Reception + Reading
10pm – Pillars And Tongues + Joan of Arc

Please buy tickets at THE HIDEOUT

JUNE 26, 2009 INTERVIEW ON 89.5FM:  Editors discuss Requited on Chicago Public Radio’s