The point in film where there is no eraser, an action, something occurs and everything after a result of the moment, the severity of a choice, right after frightens and interests me. Not the moment of the murder, of the birth, the affair or the telling of it. The right after as you watch it reach the muscles of the face. Called the irreversible, inescapable or unforgettable. The point that demands, that demands more choices, courses of action. Which course? Time moves quicker now, the weight of things increases. What I want to film: the movement after the accident; the secret told or realized, whether a welcomed or negative surprise. A witness to that moment…well, that stands out to me.

Stefania Irene Marthakis received her BA in Poetry & Theater from Columbia College Chicago and my MFA in Poetry & Poetics from Naropa University. From 2005-2007, she interned at The Poetry Project in NYC. Some of her poems can be found in Columbia Poetry Review, New American Writing, Bombay Gin and The Recluse.

On Truth from A Filmmaker’s Handbook
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