Let us forge and forget this date,
or our mined name
                     (name = mineminemine)
                                                        for history.

Lettuce can be burled down
to something very slimy.
                                     Boiled sounds less better:

She (laugh-track) has a nice set of [laugh-track],
         butter face (canned Hahahaha).

Hour mind for history e-
Hour mind for race:

Our (mine and yours together (en-
gendered)) e-race

mean someotherthing more electric
than all the rest
of things
set out asleep before us.

A calendar is dated and raced from.
It was the start of someone’s life
impregnated there on the numbers. They can’t
seem to re-mem-
ber it—
                               1. fill the day with arms and legs
                               2. put them all away

But say this day was a fly
in the heart of cold December, then:
                               1. No longer to remain part of
                               2. Erase or disengage

A broken reactive memo-ring
                                      (notes and facts)
                                          around the rosie.
Or the notion (swap ‘o’ for ‘a’)
of ever growing up. A ______ pocket-full of
all sound all the same. Pose: Fall d___.

Boiled d___.
Burled and pre-sen-table. What gets raised.

B1: see chart and table.

Tony Mancus lives in Rosslyn, VA with his wife and two cats. He works as a test writer and writing instructor. He is co-founder of Flying Guillotine Press and has a chapbook, Bye Land, forthcoming from Greying Ghost.

To Be One: What Gets Erase, Historically Speaking
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