I kept those beautiful things — glass slats — I fenced myself — I, narrow — I, scattered with stones — I, a spine — a vertical caterpillar — I, monopolizing — testing my powers in action — not in vain — I, vain — a long view to the ocean — I, actually composed of small — of farewells and explosives — I, a solid wall house — outside rather than in — I, an already old — done with sentiment — I kept those things — I kept those beautiful things for their own good — I kept those things to set me light

Ann Pelletier‘s manuscript, Strange Invention, was a finalist for the Black Lawrence St. Lawrence Prize and the Word Works Washington Prize and a semi-finalist for the Bauhan May Sarton, Blue Lynx, Brittingham and Pollak, and 42 Miles Press prizes. Her chapbook Scape, was a semi-finalist for the Black River Prize. Her work has been published in The Antioch Review, Cider Press Review, Hunger Mountain, New American Writing, Volt, and other journals. She lives in northern Nevada and Santa Cruz, California.

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