Spanning a number of years exploring a singular thematic vein, my work has generally followed an organic, intuitive progression. Memory as the impetus for each work, functioning as a reductive lens, reduced forms to their essence and eliminated nonessential visual information. Although memory remains integral, considering Bachelard’s discussion of space being imbued, or rather a retainer of one’s memories, its use has become more of a means for reinterpretation. The veracity of the remembered space, to honor the personal significance of each memory has become secondary to a less intuitive and more cognizant further investigation of the function of space itself. More specifically, how space operates in painting and interacts with the quality of physical paint on a two dimensional surface.

Recent work has taken a solitary space from memory, considered individually and in relation to preceding paintings in an attempt to further differentiate essential from superfluous. This self-imposed narrowing has led to a pronounced reduction in illusionistic qualities of three dimensionality, surface and light, lending greater focus to shape as a separate element from its primary function as part of a representational object, be it table, chair or otherwise. Previous paintings worked with the intent that all formal elements worked in concert toward a desired playful perversion of color and space, and an uneasy emotive quality. In the dual function of two dimensional shape and illusionistic element, a dissonance is developed with the knowledge that, as asserted by the Gestaltists, one may only perceive a specified image in a singular, not dual manner at a given moment (think of Jastrow’s duck/rabbit). In the pursuit of this dialectical avenue of surface versus illusion, their confrontational union broadens the general question each work posits and perhaps answers; is everything all right here?

Andrew grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, the son of educators. In 2005, he completed his B.A. with Honors in painting at Towson University. After completing his degree He moved to Shanghai, China for the next four years, working as an English instructor at several different Universities and schools. Upon acceptance to Louisiana State University for graduate school, he moved back to the States. He completed his M.F.A. in painting and drawing during the Spring of 2013, receiving the Dean’s Medal for academic excellence. After completing his degree he worked as an adjunct instructor of foundations at L.S.U. He is currently a full time Instructor of Foundations at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton.

Featured Visual Artist Issue #11
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