Final Research Symposium

Over the course of the Fall 2013 semester, graduate students from Loyola’s Digital Humanities, History, and Public History Programs each reconstructed a segment of Loyola’s original library catalogue (c.1878) in an innovative virtual library system. Each has been asked to select a book from her or his segment to be displayed in the Summer 2014 exhibition at LUMA: Crossings and Dwellings: Restored Jesuits, Women Religious, American Experience: 1814-2014. At this final research symposium, students made short presentations and answered questions on the books and catalogue segments that they had researched.


Opening Comments by Kyle Roberts, Assistant Professor of Public History and New Media, Loyola University Chicago

European Texts/American Audiences I
Niamh McGuigan on Fenelon’s Education of a Daughter (1847)
Grace Lehner on Neues vollständiges kritisches Wörterbuch der englischen und deutschen Sprache (1883)
Caitlin Pollock on Abailard et Héloïse: Essai Historique (1853)

The Religious Lives of 19th Century American Catholics
Mollie Fullerton on Flowers of Mary: or Devotions for each Month of the Year (1862)
Jessica Hagen on Orestes A. Brownson’s The Convert: or, Leaves from My Experience (1857)
Hannah Gillow Kloster on William Hutch’s Nano Nagle: Her life, Her labours, and Their Fruits (1875)
Matt Sawicki on The Catechism for the Curats (1687)

Jesuits and the Sciences
Ruby Oram on Charles Butler’s An Easy Introduction to Mathematics (1814)
Joshua Wachuta on Louis Agassiz’s Methods of Study in Natural History (1863)
Adam Widera on Cardinal Wiseman’s Science and Religion (1876)

Chelsea Denault on The Monthly (the Magazine of St Mary of the Lake, 1865)
Katya Maslakowski on Silence in the Library: what the non-survival of texts can tell us?
Meagan McChesney on Elisha Kent Kane’s Arctic Explorations in the Years 1853, ’54, ’55 (1856)

European Texts/American Audiences II
Kim Connelly Hicks on James Hoban Jr’s Gems of Irish Eloquence, Wit and Anecdote (1841)
Maureen Smith on John Patrick Prendergast’s The Cromwellian Settlement (1868)
Adam Tenhouse on Digest of the Published Opinions of the Attorneys-General (1877)