National Library Week: Cheaters Trivia!

During NLW 2020, the Libraries will be hosting an online trivia contest. Between April 20 – 24, we will post a link to questions via our social media platforms: facebook, instagram, twitter, and our blog. Check this blog daily for the new link!


The 3 “main” trivia questions will be worth 5 points each with bonus questions worth 2 points each. A maximum of 21 points per day can be scored. The maximum contest points that can be scored is 105 points.
Questions must be answered on the day they are posted for maximum points!

Main trivia questions subtract 1 point per day for each late day.
Late bonus questions are worth 1 point.
*You do not need to answer the main trivia question to get credit for the bonus question

Each day will have a specific theme: Monday-Fantasy; Tuesday-Science Fiction; Wednesday-Chicago; Thursday-Classic literature; Friday-Contemporary literature
You are allowed, indeed encouraged to “cheat” by using any outside resource that will get you a correct answer.

The three contestants who score the most points at the end of the week get the top 3 prize slots.

Prizes include: Bankobox 3D model of Cudahy Library, Metropolis Coffee, and a Loyola Fleece Blanket!
*In the case of ties we will draw names for winners.

Good Luck & Happy National Library Week!

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