NEW: Reserve Your Study Space in the Information Commons!

Starting Monday, April 12th, all available individual study spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the IC, are now reservable, including individual study roomsarmchairsindividual study tables, or computer workstations How exactly does this process work? Let’s discuss!

Do I need to make a reservation before arriving to the IC? You can, but  walk-in reservations may be placed at the study space itself OR in advance. Non-reservable seats are still available on the IC first floor, and additional study space is available at the Damen Student Center. 

How do I make a reservation? You can reserve an individual study roomarmchair, individual study tablecomputer workstation. Click to view all bookable spaces. Select your reservation time using the booking grid, then enter your name and Loyola email address to reserve a space. You will receive a reservation confirmation with a check in code.

How do I know which space I reserved? Each reservable space is designated by a floor number (C 2nd FL, IC 3rd FL), direction (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest), the type of space (study room, study table, computer workstation, armchair), and a number. For example: IC-2nd Fl-Northeast-Armchair 1.

Find your spot by using the signs placed in front of each space Scan the QR code at your seat and enter your check-in code.

What do I do when I walk in without a reservation? You can still reserve and use a space, you just need to scan the QR code at the space by using the camera on your phone or enter the link listed at the seat. Each study room, study table seat, computer workstation seat, and armchair on the 2nd and 3rd floors has a sign in front of it. The sign includes the number of the seat, and a link and QR code to place reservations or sign-in/out of the space.

You can review the entire booking grid at: or by going to and selecting Reserve a Study Space

Scanning the QR code will open the Check In screen. To place a reservation: tap Click here to book this Seat. If the seat has already been booked, please select another seat. Select your reservation time, and then enter your name and email to place the reservation. You will then receive a confirmation email that contains a check-in code. Click the link in the confirmation email or scan the QR code at the seat to enter the check-in code.


  • Each individual booking request may be made for between 1-6 hours; two reservations may be placed per day 
  • The maximum reservation time per day is 6-hours 
  •  Reservations may be placed up to 1 day in advance 
  •  Reservations may be booked in advance or directly at a study room, table, computer, or armchair by scanning a QR code 
  • When arriving at your reserved seat, you will need to check in 
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your reservation has been placed containing a confirmation code 
  • When arriving at your reserved seat, scan the QR code and enter the confirmation code to check-in to your space. You can also open the check in through a link on the confirmation email  
  • Study seats have been arranged for social distancing and may not be moved 
  •  If you use a seat without a reservation, you will lose the seat as soon as it is claimed with a reservation 
  • Reserved seats not checked into upon arrival or left vacant for more than 30 minutes will be canceled 
  • No group study is permitted due to social distancing guidelines 
  • No food is permitted in the IC; covered drinks are permitted 

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Commons at 773.508.8000 or

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