Institution: Institute of Buddhist Studies

Position: Research Fellow, Senior Editor

My area of study is Buddhism and Buddhists in Western locales, particularly heritage and convert Buddhists in Theravada and Theravada-derived traditions, and their linkages to Asian contexts. My work looks at a variety of issues, include whiteness; Orientalism; translocalism and transnationalism; building, maintaining, sustaining, and financing temples, centers, and monastic lineages; and women’s participation in these organizations, among other areas of interest. My primary methodology is ethnographic fieldwork, and to this end I’ve conducted research in Buddhist organizations in both the US and Sri Lanka. I have a background in Sanskrit, Pali, and Sinhala, though I am not an expert in language studies and make use of my skills mostly in the context of fieldwork. I have a background in Buddhist history of South and Southeast Asia, esp. Sri Lanka. I am a trained editor and proofreader with extensive experience editing works in both Buddhist Studies and trade paperback popular Buddhism.

Natalie Quli