A. Prologue: Signs of Life

Tinny static from a tape deck.
Desk lamp on in total darkness on floor.
Unfold the silken cloth.
Under the lamp light examine a limb.
Replace the limb with your face.
Drop static.

B. She’s So Good

One: Face to the floor

Objective: face to the floor, body sex-fixed, prayer-full, broke, dropped.
Come to language by gurgles.
Jaw hold, eye posture.
Text: “I’m so in love. She’s so nice.”

Objective: speak of her in parts.

Objective: Text: “I compared myself to a can,
And I compared her to one, too:
And I asked myself,
‘Could I be inside her?”

Objective: Text: “A can within a can. Cans.”
“I’m so in love.”

Objective: The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft

Objective: A vision.

Objective: Go with the vision –
don’t return.

Objective: Text: “We were in bed together.
I was lying next to her.”

Objective: The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft

Objective: If tears come, through tears, the reasons.
If no tears, no reason.


Two: Hands and Knees

Objective: reposition lamp.
Hands and knees.
Lamp to face.
Face to face.
Text: Sex prep in syllables.
Tough guy sounds.

Objective: Once break the pleasure and acknowledge
the possibility that someone is watching you.
Don’t be deterred.

Objective: Recognition.


Three: Stand, Apology, Kiss

Objective: Text: “And I was just like ‘oops.’”

Objective: Begin making your way to standing.

Objective: Text: Oops.
Oorphs, etc.

Objective: bring lamp with you. Lamp as microphone. Spotlight.

Objective: Text: Os.
And I was like Ops.
Aups, etc.

Objective: Light blind. Light kill. Light Erase.
Go blind.

Objective: Text: “and I was just like:

Objective: Kiss the light-bulb.


Benjamin Hersey writes and performs in and around Northampton, MA. A chapbook of monologues culled from answer-machine messages his mom’s boyfriend left on her answering machine has recently been published by The Chuckwagon, a small press in Southampton, MA.

A Love Story in Peelings
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