University Libraries Annual Survey: Tell Us How We’re Doing!

Over the next 2 weeks, the library will be conducting an online survey with students and faculty regarding their use of the libraries, the library spaces, and the library staff and services.  Input from our patrons is a driving force in the development of services and spaces at the library!

The library typically conducts a similar survey about once a year.  We make a conscious effort to improve spaces and services based on the feedback we get from students.  Last year, the Lewis Library at the Water Tower Campus learned that it was inconvenient to have group study rooms on a quiet floor, and students frequently were disappointed with the fact that no computers were located on the quiet floor.  Lewis Library staff responded by changing the 8th floor to the quiet floor, so computers were available.  Now the 9th floor is a social study space where students can use the group study rooms without disrupting other students nearby.  This change has proven to be very popular, and we would not have been able to make that change without input from other students.  For a list of some other changes the libraries have made based on student and faculty input, click here.

Please use the following link to complete the survey:

The survey will be open from April 4-15.

If you have any questions regarding this survey or library services, please do not hesitate to contact Ursula Scholz at

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