FREE CREATIVE SOFTWARE, Part 4: ANKI (Flashcard/Spaced Repetition Learning)

By David Schmidt

Are you waiting for campus to re-open and you’re looking for something positive to do while isolating? Why not learn new software? There are lots of great creative digital tools that are absolutely free, that you can do amazing things with!

Do want better tools to study for your exams? To learn a new language? To memorize complex legal or medical terms? To brush up on geography? Commit people’s names and faces to memory? Master long poems or speeches? Even learn guitar chords?   To can do all those things and more with this powerful free software. For yourself, or as part of designing a learning program for other students.

ANKI – (Flashcard/Spaced Repetition Learning tool.)

ANKI is an open-source flashcard app that uses spaced repetition algorithms and active recall to help you remember information fast and encode it to your long-term memory. It’s a flexible, portable, and highly efficient program that can help decrease your study time and increase your learning. It’s available for multiple platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, mobile, and can synchronize over multiple devices so you always have access to it. The program allows for deep customization, from the layout of the cards, to the length of the review time. It’s also allows you to embed the card with media like sound clips, images, video, and scientific markup, allowing you to control how it’s shown. Anki can handle deck of over 100,000 cards, and there are lots of add-ons available. It’s also designed to help you focus on the cards you need the most help remembering!

The program is available at:

And there are tons of great tutorials out there to learn from. We recommend you check these as a great place to start!

Education at Loyola is all about supporting each other, sharing your knowledge, and building community. Better learning tools aid in your studies, both online, and when you’re back on campus.

Please join us for future posts about other free creative software available to continue your education, both now and when we return to campus. Enjoy the learning!

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