Return to Home is a series of reconfigured and reimagined domestic spaces from classic television sitcoms and dramas. Using screenshots salvaged from shows as diverse as The Honeymooners, Charles in Charge, and Dynasty, I create photomontages that look beyond the intended rigid, time-based TV narrative. Return to Home places the constructed and sublimated spaces of production sets in focus, renewing the potential of stagnant imagined places.

Andrew Breen received a BFA in photography with a minor in Art History from Columbia College Chicago. He was awarded the Weisman Memorial Scholarship twice and was a finalist in the Union League Civic and Arts Foundation’s Visual Arts Competition. His work has been shown at the various galleries including the Evanston Art Center, Hokin Gallery, University of Chicago, Ben Shahn Gallery, and Pierro Gallery. He lives and works in Chicago, IL and currently teaches at the Evanston Art Center.

Return to Home
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