Rebecca Forster

Rebecca Forster will try anything once, but when she was dared to write a book she found her passion. Now a USA Today and Amazon best selling author with over 40 books to her name, Rebecca is known for her keen ear for dialogue, three dimensional characters, an eye for detail, twisted plots and unexpected endings. From court watching to weapons training, landing by tail hook on an aircraft carrier to police ride-alongs, Rebecca is dedicated to hands-on research and her stories are inspired by real life crime. “There is a poignancy to crime stories,” Rebecca says when asked why she writes thrillers. “Those who investigate or prosecute crimes are personally challenged to be heroic and the victims are forever changed. There is no greater drama.” Married to a superior court judge, she is the mother of two grown sons.

BA 1974

TitleAuthorRoleYear Of Publication
Distant Relations2022
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