John O’Malley, S.J.

1951, B.A.; 1957, M.A.

TitleAuthorRoleYear Of Publication
The Jesuits: A History from Ignatius to the Presentauthor2014
Saints or Devils Incarnate? Studies in Jesuit Historyauthor2013
Catholic History for Today’s Church: How Our Past Illuminates Our Presentauthor2015
The Jesuits and the Popes: A Historical Sketch of Their Relationshipauthor2016
When Bishops Meet: An Essay Comparing Trent, Vatican I, and Vatican IIauthor2019
Spiritualia and Pastoraliaeditor1999
The Jesuits and the Arts, 1540-1773author2005
What Happened at Vatican IIauthor2008
Vatican II, the Unfinished Agenda: A Look to the Futureauthor1987
Trent: What Happened at the Councilauthor2013
Trent and All That: Renaming Catholicism in the Early Modern Eraauthor2000
Rome and the Renaissance: Studies in Culture and Religionauthor1981
Religious Culture in the Sixteenth Century: Preaching, Rhetoric, Spirituality, and Reformauthor1993
Praise and Blame in Renaissance Rome: Rhetoric, Doctrine, and Reform in the Sacred Orators of the Papal Court, c. 1450-1521author1979
Jesuit Spirituality: A Now and Future Resourceauthor1990
Ignatian Spirituality and Missionauthor1994
Catholicism in Early Modern History: A Guide to Researcheditor1988
Tradition and Transition: Historical Perspectives on Vatican IIauthor1989
The Jesuits: Cultures, Sciences, and the Arts, 1540-1773editor1999
Humanity and Divinity in Renaissance and Reformation: Essays in Honor of Charles Trinkauseditor1993
Disputatiuncula de Taedio,Ppavore,Ttristicia Iesu;Concio de Immensa Dei Misericordia; Modus Orandi Deum; Explanatio Symboli Apostolorum Sive Catechismus; De Praeparatione ad Mortemeditor1998
The Education of a Historian: A Strange and Wonderful Storyauthor2021
The First Jesuitseditor1993
Giles of Viterbo on Church and Reform: A study in Renaissance Thoughtauthor 1968
Four Cultures of the Westauthor2004
After Vatican II: Trajectories and Hermeneuticseditor2012
A History of the Popes: From Peter to the Presentauthor2010
Vatican II: Did Anything Happen?author2007
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